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Abdul Wahid Tanveer wins the MRF Mogrip National Supercross Championship 2016

Dec 08, 2016

Abdul Wahid Tanveer wins the MRF Mogrip National Supercross Championship 2016

Abdul Wahid Tanveer of TVS Racing won the MRF Mogrip National Supercross championship for the first time in 2016 in Bangalore. He finished second in both the motos. His highest points tally helped him to gain the championship. Aravind KP inspite of winning both the races was first runner up in the championship. In the Indian Experts Group B, Aravind KP was the clear winner followed by Tanveer and Yash Pawar. In the Locals Class Group B, Naresh VS was the leader followed by Imran Pasha and Salman Khan. In the junior Supercross, Yuvraj Kundedeshmukh was the winner followed by Karan Karle. In the International Open Class Bryce Stewart from USA was the winner followed by the Russians Tomin Igor and Vital Gusev in second and third.

CLASS 1 - Foreign Open Group A Upto 250cc/500cc

1st Aravind KP - TVS Racing

2nd Tanveer AW - TVS Racing

3rd Adnan Ahmed - Mangalore

CLASS 2 - Novice Group C

1st Saijith ES

2nd Navneetha K

3rd Kalimohan

CLASS 3 - Indian Expert Group B

1st Aravind KP

2nd Tanveer AW

3rd Yash Pawar

CLASS 4 - Local Group B

1st Naresh VS

2nd Imran Pasha

3rd Salman Khan

CLASS 5 - Indian Expert Class C

1st Natraj R

2nd Yuva Kumar

3rd Jagdeesh Kumar

CLASS 6 - Private Experts Group C

1st Jagdeesh Kumar

2nd Suhail Ahmed

3rd Hafeez Ahmed

CLASS 7 - SX 2 Group A

1st Rugved Barguje - Pune

2nd Yash Pawar

3rd Adnan Ahmed

CLASS 8 - Junior Super Cross

1st Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh - Pune

2nd Karan Karle - Pune

3rd Ikshan Shanbhag - Satara

CLASS 9 - International Open Class

1st Bryce Stewart - USA

2nd Tomin Igor - Russia

3rd Vitaly Gusev - Russia


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