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MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross championship: Round 4: Jaipur

Sep 11, 2018

Jinan upstages Noah on rain drenched sand track to win  the Jaipur Supercross
Heavy overnight rain in Pink City had rendered the course very challenging,   the bikers in all categories went neck and neck racing,  with the packed crowd cheering on
Pune, September 9: CD Jinan of Ang’ata Racing rode his Kawasaki KX 250F to a resounding win by taking both the Motos to open up the overall title race with the championship leader Harith Noah, midway through the 19th MRF MoGrip-FMSCI National Supercross championship in Jaipur on Sunday.
Team TVS Racing rider Noah, who began the fourth round of the season with 110 points to 86 of privateer Jinan, needed to win both Motos to solidify his position at the top, but the track conditions probably made it more difficult for him to adjust to.
Jinan on the other hand used his experience of riding in the Dubai desert where he practices regularly thanks to his team Ang’ata Racing being based in the Middle-eastern Kingdom.
“The races were very closely fought and there was all effort for competitors to get past each other despite the track having been battered overnight by heavy torrential rain,” explained Shyam Kothari, the Director of Godspeed Racing, the promoters of the MRF Mogrip  National Supercross Championship.
“When it started raining last night we were sceptical whether we would be able to conduct the championship round, but the track was intact though some table tops had got slushy, but it was all manageable,The competition was worth a watch not just in the foreign bikes section but also in the other categories too.” said Kunal Singh, the organizer of this round of the MRF Mogrip National Supercross Championship.
As Noah finished second in both Motos behind Jinan, his lead was reduced from 24 to 18 points going into the Round 5. Noah now has 144 to Jinan’s 126, which makes the final two rounds very crucial for both the riders and their respective teams.
TVS Racing nonetheless kept its flag flying high by winning in other categories—Imran Pasha winning the Class 2 Novice Group and M Kalimohan taking the honours un Class 5 Indian Experts. Both these groups saw TVS riders dominating with their RTR machines all through the course.
Pune’s Sarthak win Junior SX
There was an interesting battle in the Junior classes in the absence of the championship leader Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh, who had recently represented India at the World Motocross Championship in Australia and injured himself and had to rule himself out of this round of the MRF Mogrip National Supercross Championship.
In Class 9 Junior SX2, Sarthak had a tough fight with Shlok Ghorpade of Satara with both riding Kawasaki bikes while others in the fray were on KTMs.
Sarthak won hands down the second race after having forced into fourth position in Class8 Junior SX1, which was won by Prajwal V of Bengaluru.
Class 1 SX1 Foreign Open Class Group A: 1. CD Jinan (Ang’ata Racing, Kawasaki KX250F) (20, 20) 40; 2. Harith Noah (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) (17, 17) 34; 3. Yash Pawar (Nashik, Kawasaki KX250F) (13, 15) 28; 4. Saijith ES (13 Racing, Kawasaki KX250F) (15, 9) 24; 5. Mahesh VM (Ang'ata Racing, KawasakiKX250F) (10, 13) 23.
Class 2 Novice Group C: 1. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 20; 2. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. M Kalimohan (TVS Racing, TVR RTR) 15; 4. Asif Gour (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Nitin Singh (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 11.
Class 4 Locals Group B: 1. Santosh Visnoi (Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Raju Mathur (Hero Impulse) 17; 3. Asif Gaur (Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Ravikant Sharma (Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Nitin Singh (Hero Impulse) 11.
Class 5 Indian Experts Group C: 1. M Kalimohan (TVS Racing, TVR RTR) 20; 2. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 17; 3. Samual Jacob (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 15; 4. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. R Natraj (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 11.
Class 6 Private Experts Group C:1. Gajendra Jangid (Jodhpur, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. S Karthikeyan (Pollachi, Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Mani Kandan (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Asif Gour (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 11.
Class 7 SX2 Group A: 1. Saijith ES (13 Racing, Kawasaki KX250F) (20, 20) 40; 2. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, Kawasaki KX250) (17, 17) 34; 3. Yash Pawar (Nashik, Kawasaki) (15, 15) 30; 4. Mahesh VM (Ang’ata Racing, Kawasaki KX250) (13,13) 26; 5. Kayan Patel (Mumbai,Suzuki RM) (11, 11) 22.
Class 8 Junior SX1 Group A/B/C/D: 1. Prajwal V (Bengaluru, KTM SX85) 20; 2. Ikshan Shanbhag (Satara, KTM SX85) 17; 3. Gaurang Naik (Pune, Honda CRF) 14; 4. Sarthak Chavan (Pune, Kawasaki KX) 13; 5. Shlok Ghorpade (Satara, Kawasaki) 12.
Class 9 Junior SX2 Group A/B/C/D: 1. Sarthak Chavan (Pune, Kawasaki KX 100) 19; 2. Shlok Ghorpade (Satara, Kawasaki) 18; 3. Jinendra Sangaye (Kolhapur, KTM SX65) 15; 4. Raheesh Khatri (Mumbai, KTM SX65) 12; 5. Akash Hupale (Kolhapur, Kawasaki) 10.

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