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Noah emerges best rider in Aravind's absence

Apr 19, 2017

Noah emerges best rider in Aravind's absence

Harith Noah made most the situation offered to him after Aravind KP withdrew from the contest following a nasty fall during practice and collected the maximum points to the top class, the Class 1 SX1 Expert Class, in the Goa leg of the MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National Supercross Championship, at the Navelim Supercross Track here on Sunday.

Coming into supercross after having taken two-year sabbatical, Noah finished second in Race 1 behind CD Jinan of Kerala but then won the Race 2 beating TVS Racing teammate Rugved Barguje just in time.

Riding on TVS RTR250, Noah led for a brief while in Race 2 before Pune rider Rugved surged ahead and led for the most part of the race. The eight-lap race saw many twists and turns—several riders fell at turns—but it was Rugved who sprinted ahead with utmost guts, only to lose out to Noah in the penultimate lap of the race.

Once Noah passed Rugved, he kept straight up and took the chequered flag with a big leap on the finishing table top.

Jinan finished third in Race 2, but that was good enough for him to take the No 2 position overall, while Rugved settled for No 3 position after making it to the podium twice during the day.

TVS Racing top rider in absence of Aravind, the defending champion Abdul Waheed Tanvir was beset by riders in front blocking his way. Tanveer, who is bound for Merzouga in Morocco next month for Dakar Challenger Rally, did well not to get entangled into the heap and returned with 26 points after finishing identical fourth in both the races.

Jagdish Kumar of Coimbatore won the Class 5 Indian Experts Group C title on his Hero Impulse ahead of TVS Racing’s R Natraj, who rode TVS RTR180. Stephen Raj of Coimbatore finished third on Hero Impulse.

Sajith ES of Thrissur won the Class 7 SX2 Group A on his KX250 after winning both Race 1 and Race 2 ahead of Prithvi Singh of Chandigarh. Adnan Ahmed of Mangalore on Yamaha YZ125 collected 30 points with his fourth and second place finishes.

Kondedeshmukh excels

Yuvraj KondeDeshmukh of Pune was the class apart in Junior SX category as he won both the races without much challenge to him. Riding on KTM 85SX, Yuvraj kept himself out of the heap in the first corner and then on maintained his lead through the five laps.

Bangalore’s Prajwal V on KTM 85SX finished second, while Aadil Correya of Cochin finished third.


Class 1 SX1 Expert Class Group A: 

1. Harith Noah (TVS Racing, TVS RTR250) (17, 20) 37; 

2. CD Jinan (Kerala, KX250F) (20, 15) 35, 

3. Rugved Barguje (TVS Racing, TVS RTR250) (15, 17) 32; 

4. Abdul Waheed Tanveer (TVS Racing, TVS RTR 250) (13, 13) 26; 

5. Suhail Ahmed (Bangalore, KTM350) (11, 11) 22.

Class 2 Novice Group C Moto 1: 

1. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 20; 

2. Kali Mohan (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 17, 

3. Fabin Jose (Cochin, Hero Impulse) 15, 

4. Jas David (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 13, 

5. Venkatesh Shetty (Mumbai, Hero Impulse) 11.

Class 5 Indian Experts Group C: 

1. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 20; 

2. R Natraj (TVS Racing, TVS RTR180) 17; 

3. Stephen Raj (Coimbatore, Hero Impuse) 15, 

4. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 13; 

5. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 11.

Class 6 Private Experts Group C: 

1. Naresh VS (Bangalore, Hero Impulse) 20, 

2. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 17, 

3. Suhail Ahmed (Bangalore, Hero Impulse) 15, 

4. Stephen Raj (Coimbatore, Hero Impuse) 13, 

5. Jas David (Jaipur, Hero Impulse) 11.

Class 7 SX2 Group A: 

1. Sajith ES (Thrissur, KX250) (20, 20) 40, 

2. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, KX250F) (17, 15) 32, 

3. Adnan Ahmed (Mangalore, YZ125) (13, 17) 30, 

4. Maninder Singh Prince (Delhi, Yamaha YZ250F) (9, 13) 22; 

5. Zain Khan (Mumbai, KX250) (10, 11) 21.

Class 8 Junior SX Group A/B/C/D: 

1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh (Pune, KTM 85SX) 20; 

2. Prajwal V (Bangalore KTM 85SX) 17, 

3. Aadil Correya (Cochin, XP125) 13, 

4. Karan Karle (Pune, KTM 65SX) 13, 

5. Jitendra Sangave (Kolhapur, KTM 65SX) 10.

Class 4 Locals Group B: 

1. Zabi Mulla (Goa, Hero Impulse) 20,

2. Ankush Rao (Goa, Hero Impulse) 17, 

3. Adarsh Kandu (Goa, Yamaha RX135) 15, 

4. Altaf Lattiwale (Goa, TVS RTR100) 13, 

5. Askar Ali (Goa, Hero Impulse) 11.

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