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Noah seals National championship with splendid show

Dec 06, 2017

Noah seals National championship with splendid show

Pune, December 3: Harith Noah made a fairytale ending to his comeback year by winning both Motos hands down to claim SX1 National title at the season-finale race of the MRF MoGrip FMSCI National Supercross Championship at the Mundhwa Ground opposite Passport Office here on Saturday night.

TVS Racing rider Noah had an enviable task of finishing at No 5 position in both Motos to confirm his championship and prevent privateer CD Jinan from overhauling his points, but Noah raced impeccably to win on the 700 metre long unique track that saw participants taking elevated start for the first time in India.

Noah had made a comeback to supercross racing early this season after having taken sabbatical for a few years and from the first round in Goa to the following rounds in Coimbatore, Jaipur, Nashik, Indore and now in Pune, the TVS Racing rider always stayed ahead of the competition with clean racing all through.

On Saturday night, Noah was first to go ahead once the gates were down. Taking the first jump and then clearing the doubles with Jinan on his back, Noah showed no rush, but rode his TVS RTR to perfection and increased the lead as the laps went by in the 6-lap race in the top class of supercross championship.

By fourth lap Noah was at the tail of last running rider and he lapped him soon after before the final lap began and took the chequered flag in style.

Unfortunately Noah’s teammate Rugved Barguje was beset with a malfunctioning machine at the start line but he still went ahead and completed the race to finish seventh, that gave him crucial 7 points that came in handy in calculating championship standings.

Barguje was 16 points ahead of Goa’s Javed Shaikh, who finished third to make the championship interesting.

In Moto 2, however, Barguje rode a better race to finish fourth and earn 13 points that took him to 147 overall.

Noah ended with 230 points to win the championship, while Jinan settled for the second position with 197 as the 2017 season came to a spectacular end with international riders and FMX stunt showmen enthralling the packed motorsports fans, who waited all through the chilly night to watch biking action.


Versatile Noah

Astride the powerful TVS RTR300 bike, Noah has been a revelation this season and he showed him class and control over the bike not only in supercross but in rallying when his team decided to field him in Coimbatore round of the National Rally championship and he won the event beating rally experts and added another feather to his resume.


Mahesh wins three titles

Thrissur’s Mahesh VM realized his dream of winning three national titles—Novice Class, Indian Experts and Private Experts. Dindigul’s M Kalimohan did give him a scare when he rode his Hero Impulse to top finish in Class 2 Novice for 20 points. Mahesh stayed close by and took No 2 position and 17 points as he won the championship by a difference of mere 2 points.

Mahesh finished on 100 points overall to Kalimohan’s 98, while TVS Racing’s Imran Pasha ended third with 88.

Nonetheless, Mahesh won Class 5 Indian Experts race and also Class 6 Private Experts on his Hero Impulse to nail to more championship titles.

Adnan Ahmed won the Class 7 SX2 class Championship despite finishing fourth in Moto 2 as he could collect 33 points after having won Moto1. His challenger for the title, Sajith ES finished only fourth in Moto 1, otherwise there would have been a keen contest for the championship.

Adnan aggregated 205 points overall, while Sajith ES ended at No 2 with 196 points.


Yuvraj is Junior SX champion

Pune’s Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh became the Junior SX National champion after winning both Motos here with a confident ride on his KTM 85SX. The way this youngster rides, he could well become champion rider once he crosses 17 as the composure he shows at this age speaks of champion stuff.

Yuvraj collected 118 points overall, while Cochin’s Aadil Correya took the runners-up spot with 96 points and Pune’s Karan Karle (84) finished third.


Russians to fore

The Class 9 International category saw Russians dominating in Pune too after having won in Indore last week.

Aleksandr Tonkov rode his KTM350 to win both Motos to win International Class title and he was followed to the secnd place by Vitaly Gusev as Russians took 1-2 positions on the podium. Todd Bannister of the United States was third overall after coming in second in Moto1 and fifth in Moto2.

There were six Americans and four Russians on the grif, but Tonkov’s dominance spoke well of his credentials as he regularly competes in Australian National championship.



Class 1 SX1 Foreign Expert Class Group A: 1. Harith Noah (TVS Racing, TVS RTR300) (20, 20) 40; 2. Sajith ES (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250F) (11, 17) 28; 3. Adnan Ahmed (Mangalore, Yamaha YZ125) (13, 15) 28; 4. CD Jinan (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250F) (17, 10) 27; 5. Javed Shaikh (Goa, Kawasaki KX250F) (15, 11) 26.

Championship standings (top 3): 1.Harith Noah 230, 2. CD Jinan 197, 3. Rugved Barguje 147.

Class 2 Novice Group C: 1. M Kalimohan (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 15; 4. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Ankush Rao (Goa, Hero Impulse) 11.

Championship standings (top 3): 1. Mahesh VM 100, 2. Kalimohan 98, 3. Imran Pasha 88.

Class 5 Indian Experts Group C: 1. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 17; 3. Rajendra RE (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 15; 4. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Pinkesh Thakkar (Pune, Hero Impulse) 11.

Championship standings (top 3): 1. Mahesh VM 102, 2. Jagdeesh Kumar 89, 3. Imran Pasha 74.

Class 4 Locals Group B: 1. Pinkesh Thakkar (Pune, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. Aakash Satpute (TVS Racing, TVS RTR) 17; 3. Sachin Ghorpade (Kolhapur, Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Bhushan Bhosale (Kolhapur, TVS Fiero FZ) 13; 5. Lokesh Bhosale (Pune, Hero Impulse) 11.

Class 6 Private Experts Group C: 1. Mahesh VM (Thrissur, Hero Impulse) 20; 2. M Kalimohan (Dindigul, Hero Impulse) 17; 3. Jagdeesh Kumar (Coimbatore, Hero Impulse) 15; 4. Sachin D (Bengaluru, Hero Impulse) 13; 5. Pinkesh Thakkar (Pune, Hero Impulse) 11.

Championship standings (top 3): 1. Mahesh VM 114, 2. Jagdeesh Kumar 96, 3. M Kalimohan 73.

Class 7 SX2 Group A: 1. Prithvi Singh (Chandigarh, Kawasaki KX250) (17, 20) 37; 2. Adnan Ahmed (Mangalore, YZ125) (20, 13) 33; 3. Sajith ES (Thrissur, Kawasaki KX250) (13, 17) 30; 4. MS Prince (Delhi, Yamaha YZ250) (11, 15) 26; 5. Rizwan sheikh (Aurangabad, Suzuki RMZ) (15, 11) 26.

Championship standings (top 3): 1. Adnan Ahmed 205, 2. Sajith ES 196, 3. Prithvi Singh 167.

Class 8 Junior SX Group A/B/C/D (average of 2 Motos): 1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh (Pune, KTM 85SX) 20; 2. V Prajwal (Bengaluru, KTM 85SX) 16; 3. Karan Karle (Pune, CRF150) 15; 4. Aadil Correya (Cochin, KX100) 14; 5. Sarthak Chavan (Pune, KX 100) 11.

Championship standings (top 3): 1. Yuvraj Kondedeshmukh 118, 2. Aadil Correya 96, 3. Karan Karle 84.

Class 9 International Class Group A: 1. Aleksandr Tonkov (Russia, KTM 350) (20, 20) 40; 2. Vitaly Gusev (Russia, KTM 350) (15, 17) 32; 3. Todd Bannister (US, TVS RTR) (17, 11) 28; 4. Aleksander Ivanyutin (Russia, TVS RTR) (11, 13) 24; 5. Shawn Yarbrough (US, TVS RTR) (8, 15) 23.

Best Rider of Pune: Harith Noah (TVS Racing)

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