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Natraj makes it double by winning rally of Indore

May 12, 2017

Natraj makes it double by winning rally of Indore

Natraj makes it double by winning rally of Indore

Indore, May 7

R Natraj of Team TVS completed a double by winning National Rally title on back-to-back Sundays to improve his chances in the six-round MRF MOGRIP FMSCI National two-wheel Rally Championship, here at Chinar Hills in outskirts of Indore.

The 2017 Desert Storm champion Natraj was way ahead of the competition in overall category beating privateer Sanjay Kumar by over 2 minutes. In his class, Natraj, riding RTR450FX, was lone contestant given that his teammates, Aravind KP and the defending champion Abdul Waheed Tanveer, were away in Morocco competing in the Dakar Challenge Rally of Merzouga, which began on Sunday.

Competing in Class 1, Natraj seemingly took firm grip over the title with found rounds remaining—the third round scheduled in Pune and fourth in Nashik on back-to-back Sundays this month end.

Pune’s Sanket Shanbhag had to settle for third position in Class 1A category. Riding Yamaha WR450, Shanbhag took 53 minutes 07 seconds to compete the three stages, which was four minutes slower than the second-placed Yashraj Rathore, who rode Husqverna350. Bangaluru’s Sanjay Kumar, however, kept his cool on his Honda CRF450 to win the class.

As many as 33 riders started in different categories on Sunday at Hotel Bee Town before they headed to Chinar Hills, which provided ideal conditions for the off-road rally.

TVS Racing had a mixed outing as Imran Pasha won the Class 3 title on his RTR160cc, but Rajendra RE was disqualified in Class 4 on RTR 2004V bike. He completed the first two stages, before he was disqualified in the third and final stage.

Dehradun’s Shardul Sharma, riding a Hero Impulse won the class, with Vipul Prajapati taking the second position.

In the ladies class, Aishwarya PM, the Bengaluru girl, who won the National Racing title last year, was the winner again on her RTR 200 4V bike riding for TVS Racing team.


Provisional overall classification:

Class 1: 1. R Natraj (TVS Racing, RTR 450FX) 42.26 seconds.

Class 1A: 1. Sanjay Kumar (CRF450) 44.40s, 2. Yashrah Rathore (Husqverna350) 49.34, 3. Sanket Shanbhag (WR450) 53.07.

Class 2: 1. Mahesh Chandu (YBX125) 57:10s, 2. Yuvrasha SD (YBX125) 57.53, 3. Pradeep N (YBX125) 1:07.43.

Class 3: 1. Imran Pasha (TVS Racing, RTR 160CC) 48.37s, 2. Sarvanakumar K (Hero Impulse) 48.51, 3. Febin Jose (TVS Apache) 50.06.

Class 4: 1. Shardul Sharma (Hero Impulse) 49.54s, 2. Vipul K Prajapati (Hero Impulse) 55.44, 3. Muzzafar Ali (TVS Fiero) 57.22.

Class 5: 1. Venu Rameshkumar (Duke 390) 55.47.

Class 6: 1. Vineet Sharma (Enfield Bullet) 51.14s, 2. Prabhu Mohan (Enfield Classic500) 57.14, 3. Shreekanth Komana (Enfield Classic500) 59.15.

Class 7 (Scooter): 1. Syed Asif Ali (TVS Racing, Wego) 57.22s, 2. Nilesh Thakre (Mahindra Rodeo) 1:00.52, 3. Shamim Khan (Gusto) 1:04.33.

Class 8 (Ladies): 1. Aishwarya PM (TVS Racing, RTR 2004V) 1:04.19, 2. Sarah Kashyap (Himalayan) 1:12.13, 3. Fazeela U (Apache RTR200) 1:13.47.

Class 9 (Locals): 1. Vipul K Prajapati (Hero Impulse) 58.00s, 2. Priyank Mahadik (Hero Impulse) 1:09.39, 3. Divyesh Mistry (Hero Impulse) 1:10.36.

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